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The world is moving towards digital. It's time your card mementos do too. Greeting cards are a wonderful part of celebrating events, from birthdays and showers to anniversaries and graduations, but physical cards can be an unnecessary source of waste and clutter. After your big celebration, you end up with a shoebox or similar vessel full of old greeting cards that you may never look at.

By using E-Bration®, you'll be able to digitally preserve all of your cards, messages, and photos of the people that made that precious moment in time so special. Here is how E-Bration works!



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    Create Your Event

    The first step is to add your event into your dashboard. This creates your E-Bration event page and ensures your guests have everything they need to know. 

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    Send Invitations & Get the Word Out

    Once your event is added, it's time to let your family and friends know about it! You will be prompted to add in your guests and you can look through our selection of invitation designs. You’ll be able to track RSVPs, ask guests questions such as what they are ordering for dinner, and send out reminders should you need to.

    If you are sending out invitations on your own or if you are not hosting an in-person occassion that’s totally fine! We have a separate feature to help you get the word out even if it's just so famiy and friends know that you are saving your cards, messages and photos through E-Bration!

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    View Your Cards

    All of the cards, messages and gifts will be locked in your account until after the event. At that point, when you log into your account you will be able to see each of the cards and messages your guests wrote to you along with any gifts that were sent.

    If you have physical cards in your possession, you can also include those with our Paper Card Upload feature! Or better yet, you can send them to us and have them professionally scanned in for you!

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    Transfer Money

    Next you can deposit your cash gifts to your bank account by requesting it through your dashboard and we will transfer them via PayPal.

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    Order Memor-E-Book


    After seeing all of your e-cards and messages, you will have the ability to upload photos of each of your guests to match up with their corresponding card. From there, we are able to convert all of your cards, messages and photos into a commemorative e-book! This is a keepsake you won’t want to miss out on and can be treasured in your family forever.

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    Send Thank You Cards

    You can look through our selection of thank you card designs and customize thank you notes to all of the guests. You can also upload photos into the card to make it more personalized. 

    It's that simple! And the best part is that all of these cards, messages and photos from your life events will be stored in your dashboard forever! So what are you waiting for? Let's get you registered to begin your E-Bration experience today!


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    Find Your Event

    The first step is to find the event you are going to. You can find the event by going into the search bar and typing in the host's name or event date (or by going through the link in the email you received). 

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    Select Your Card

    Next you will be brought to the e-card screen. You can choose the one that you like the best, and can even customize it with your own content and photo inside the card!

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    Personalize Your Message

    Type out your special message in the text box. This message will be included with the e-card when they open it up!

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    Option To Give Gift

    If you are planning on giving a cash gift, you can just do that directly through E-Bration after sending your card.

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