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    Create Event

    Set up a life event celebration either for yourself OR a loved one

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    E-Card Library

    Enable your guests to send their card and message through our own selection of e-cards

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    Upload Physical Cards

    Include any cards you receive in person by uploading to your event

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    Save Event Photos

    Preserve the photos shared by family and friends

Lifetime Dashboard


See a digital record of every card 
and message received during important life events.



Turn all of your cards into an e-book that 
matches up each card with a photo of that guest.

Event Guest

Heading to an event? Make sure your card and message are remembered
forever by sending it through E-Bration!

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Find Your Events

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    Select Your Card

    Choose from our amazing
    library of e-cards

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    Personalize Your Message

    Type out your own special message
    to be sent with the card.

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    Give A Gift

    You can opt to give your gift through E-Bration along with your card.

Why E-Bration?


Traditional Methods

  • Guests must go to the store to buy a card, write a message inside and bring envelope to the event.
  • Hosts open up their cards and typically store them in a shoebox until they are eventually thrown away.
  • E-cards that are sent through other websites are scattered throughout the host's inbox and the links eventually expire.
  • Any cards with cash gifts must be brought to the bank deposit.

E-Bration Methods

  • Guests can simply select their card, type out their message, and give their gift all through one platform.
  • All of the cards and messages will automatically be stored in the host's Lifetime Dashboard. They can also upload any physical cards they receive.
  •  Both physical and electronic cards are saved forever in one place and can be matched with guest photos to create a commemorative Memor-E-Book.
  • Any cash gifts can be deposited right to the host's account!

Whichever type of e-product you are looking for, we're the place for you!

E-Bration is catered for all types of celebrations. By tying everything together this allows the cards and messages from all life events to be saved and treasured, while simultaneously building digital experiences one event at a time. Come join us on our mission to create ever-lasting memories through each of life's important milestones.

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